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Beginners Guide to leverage on Forex and Trading Tips for the Beginner

Beginners Guide to Leverage Trading On Forex

At a basic level, on the Foreign exchange market you buy one currency using another. Effectively you are exchanging one country’s currency for another’s simultaneously. This means that currencies trade in pairs, with the most common one being Euro-US Dollar pair.

With the advent of the internet, Forex trading has become a lot more accessible to small private traders, and if you know how to use Forex, it’s possible to make a good living out of it. Of course, it is also possible to lose a lot of money, so a good grasp on the foundations of trading on the Forex market is essential for any beginner trader. This is even the case if you are thinking of using an automated tool, as you will still need to monitor it to make sure nothing is going wrong.

So what is leverage trading? In essence, it simply means that you can make a trade without putting up the full amount of the position. This increases the risk of an investment, but also allows a trader to make more money than would have been possible in other financial markets with the same amount of initial investment. Forex allows a great deal more leverage than stock trading, and can go up to around 200 times the size of the account. The amount of leverage does depend on the broker though, although in nearly all cases the amount available is much greater than on the stock market.

Leverage was introduced to allow smaller traders a way into Forex. Because Forex trades typically require large sums of money, small traders would be completely frozen out of the market if leverage didn’t allow them to trade more money than they have in the account. When using leverage with a broker account, the broker usually has a “safety” system in place to avoid major losses. If the value of the trade taking place looks like it is falling by more than this safety system allows, the trader may be asked to either deposit more money or sell the position.

It should be repeated though – more leverage always means more risk! Properly monitoring your account is vital for success, especially when using a large amount of leverage. The amount of leverage you use will ultimately come down to a mixture of how much your broker allows and how much you are willing to risk. There is no doubt that leverage is both the best and worst weapon in a Forex trader’s armory.  It is how you use it that will determine which it is for you.

The amount of leverage available when trading on the Forex market is just one of the reasons why it is so attractive for small and large traders alike. It means that with a relatively small investment, a lot of money can be made if the trader is careful, knows which trades are sensible and which ones are likely to fail. Always be wary of using more leverage than you feel comfortable with no matter what the situation.

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