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eToro Trading Platform Product Report and Review

eToro forex review and product report

E Toro is ideal for beginners and expert traders. It is an online trading software platform with an easy to use interface. EToro is a brand new trading stage that presently might be the mainly novice-friendly forex education tool in the marketplace today. EToro makes learning and mastering your Forex trade skills an extremely fun knowledge with a graphical user edge like no other forex platform.

It is very user friendly and the customer service is sometimes a little bit slow as you see on he actual consumer feedback. The first deposit is only $50 with a bonus up to $500! Another benefits are weekly championships with prices up to $1500. 

Overall, iIt is a reliable platform with a very good and easy to use interface.

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Overall Rating:

eToro Forex Review and Consumer Report

Ideal for beginners and expert traders. It is easy to use and allowing you to use real or virtual money. It is not the best platform but worth to have a look at it. Great bonus up to $500!


Actual Customer Feedback:

"The platform is so great I have continued to put myself at their mercy. I am waiting on an email response. If it fails to get me set up, I will move on."
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"I am now dealing with about 5 FX platforms including eToro and they have been nothing but decent to me. I still give them 4 stars out of 5 as the charts are not functional enough for expert traders but in every other respect they are a quality outfit. I totally trust them."
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"I love it when I see funds available in my VISA when I go to withdraw it from the nearest ATM machine. eToro has never let me down."
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Our Research on eToro Suggests:

EToro is an easy to use trading platform, allowing you to use real or virtual money to execute real-time trades with a click of a button, making the complex world of international finance simple and interactive. Currency Trading, the biggest and most exciting market on earth, offers you countless opportunities!

EToro is download based, but it's also terribly fast. By the way, eToro offers a unique fabrication explanatory platform. But there are some problems as you can see on the customer comments. 


eToro provides many good features like an easy to use interface and great training tools. Their goal is to offer a service for everyone and you can trade with real or virtual money. On the other hand there are some problems with the customer service and the pips. If you want to check out eToro then have a look but if you are an expert trader it might not worth your time. But it is very easy to use and if you want to trade quickly it is a good choice.

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Company Info: eToro is an online forex trading trading software platform. More on the official Homepage under About us.
Product Specifications: Main Benefits:

First deposit bonus of up to $1000!
Easy and simple to use
Weekly $1,500 Championships 
3/5 pip spreads value
Real money and virtual money trades, 1 to 1 coaching, support Forum, Training Videos

Price: No Registration Fee.Minimum deposit is $50 and up to $1000 bonus.
Return Policy: No Money-Back Guarantee, Free Registration

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