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Forex Confidant Product Report and Review

Blade Confidant review and product report

Forex Confidant was developed by Thomas Strigano.Forex Confidant is an automated Forex Robot and Software. Thomas Strigano himself is a Real Forex Trader explaining that an automated Forex Software can not work. And you know what he is right in my opinion too. He explains everything on his Website. His Software is created by himself, a real trader, not a programmer with no experience in Forex Trading.  His Forex Software made up to $5000 in 5 hours! The proof is on his website.

This automated system is no fluff because you get a detailled ebook delivered in this package which will show you excactly why automated forex trading can not work! Like mentioned in our courses, you have to know what the software is doing before you trade from home. The method explained in his book is easy to understand and you can purchase an additional video step by step series which will help you to make the most out of the software. I would recommend to buy these videos, they are very useful and makes every thing easier to handle.


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Overall Rating:

Forex confidant Review and Consumer Report

Forex Confidant is a Forex Software Package with a very good performance. The software is a new one on the forex market but we found great customer comments.


Actual Customer Feedback:

"I purchased the Forex Confidante online on 2/15/09. From the first page it was obvious that this was written by an experienced professional trader. Memories of being a trader flooded into my head. The stories Tom shares are incredibly similar to ones that I had experienced first hand. Tom presents a winning system. The system will prove to be extremely reliable and successful if it is adhered to."
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"Tried nearly all the Forex Robots, give me a break, such garbage. I was determined not to spend any more money on Forex but I’m so glad I did. Here is the Pot of Gold that you have all been waiting for, I have done all the hard work for you, wasted all the money and proved the Robots to be False Gods. Turned my demo account of $5000 into an account of $273 with Robots."
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"This is a couple of strategies described in an ebook. The claims on the homepage about it being written by a super trader who used to work for major banks, judging by the book, seem to be true. The book is full of lingo and side notes that I would assume only a top trader from big banks would know."
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Our Research on Forex Confidant Suggests:

Forex Confidant is an Automated Forex Software and Ebook bundle with high quality. The offered videos are highly recommended and the results of this new software are very good. The customer comments are very good too as you can see. If you are searching for a good forex software with a great ebook and video tutorila then this could be for you. The price is pretty low and the customer ratings are excellent


Forex Confidant is a Forex Software Package with a very good performance. The software is a new one on the forex market but we found great customer comments: 5 Star Rating.

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Company Info: Author: Thomas Strigano
Product Specifications:  Software, E-Books, Step by Step Videos (optional). Immediate download.
Price:  $97  and $67 for Step by Step Videos
Return Policy: 60 days Money-Back Guarantee

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