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Forex Funnel Product Report and Review

Forex Funnel review and product report

Forex Funnel was developed by the Forex Funnel team. Forex Funnel is a relative newcomer to the Forex world, but already it is starting to gain traction in this extremely competetive industry. It has been used for 4 years as a private trading system, and has only just been released to the public.It is fully automated and does not require any prior user experience to operate it. The system is based on the populat MT4 platform and the package also includes up to a one hundred dollar bonus trading account.

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Overall Rating:

Forex Funnel Review and Consumer Report

Forex Funnel is a great tool for a beginner because you can set it up and it runs on complete autopilot.


Actual Customer Feedback:

"This is a fantastic system - the most consistent i have ever used, performing really well on my live account +$6000 in 6 weeks going to up the lots soon."
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"The funnels performance has been great to say the least, i am only trading small but my profits have been fantasically consistent, I would reccommend the funnel - just remember to stick to the mm rules."
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"I bought the forex funnel system when it was launched and the system has been running great, i have almost doubled my account in around 4 months, you have to make sure you are running the correct mm detailed in the instructions other than that its really a set and forget. Im am personally extremely pleased with the funnel system "
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 Our Research on Forex Funnel Suggests:

Forex Funnel is a Forex automation tool that crunches and analyses currency data to predict the next market moves. The system also includes the Goldminer precision indicator software that helps to select your pinpoints in the event you want to do your own research. This system operates for the usd/jpy pair on the 1 hour time frame. It is a great tool for a beginner because you can set it up and it runs on complete autopilot. Even an expert trader will benefit from this automation software.


Forex funnel is easy to set up. All you need do is download Forex funnel, open an account with a broker, run� the automated trading robot and let it trade your account. It back tested well and the developers have went back 4 years to program their trading models. They boast a six figure profit each year for the last four years. An inquiry to customer support took about 24 hours for a reply. All this points let us give the forex funnel a 4 Star rating.

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Company Info: Author: Forex Funnel Team
Product Specifications: Software. Instant download.
Price: $137
Return Policy: 60 days Money-Back Guarantee

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