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Forex Hitter Product Report and Review

Forex Hitter review and product report

Forex Hitter was developed by Peter Larsen.Some will know this product under the name forex beater. Forex Hitter is one of the newcomers to the Forex software trading market. Developed by Peter Larsen, it is geared toward the beginner trader but is a tool that is claimed to be advanced based on the latest Forex trading tool technology available. The costs are very reasonable and the system is user friendly.

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Overall Rating:

Forex Hitter Review and Consumer Report

Forex Hitter requires no previous knowledge for the setup procedure. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.


Actual Customer Feedback:

"I was pleased with the initial cost of the software. It is unlike any software I have used in the past. It was easy to get started and easy to operate. I would say that it is doing okay for a new software. My returns have been about what I expected."
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"After 30 days using this software I can report a small profit. The trading was somewhat volatile in the beginning of the test but stabilized towards the end. I'll give it a C+ for my short test "
Actual Consumer Feedback

"I believe Forex Beater is a new software in the market.
I am told by my friend who tested it that it had good results for him. So I'm going to get it to try.
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Our Research on Forex HitterSuggests:

This software requires no previous knowledge for the setup procedure. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Forex Beater uses 1 EA that works through 3 external indicators to formulate trades. The system has been back tested through 2007-08 and the results were favorable. The system has received an update to the EA and will continue to be updated and optimized on a regular basis according to the developer. The price is very low and you get lifetime updates as stated on the website.


Although the potential of this software looks promising, most of the reports received claimed only modest profits. The cost of this software was the lowest of those we studied. The bonuses offered were judged to be of little value by our participants. Overall it appears that this product may offer some potential in the future but it may be to early to tell.

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Company Info: Author: Peter Larsen
Product Specifications: Software. Instant download.
Price: $49.95 with 50% off coupon
Return Policy: 60 days Money-Back Guarantee

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