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Forex Roboteer  Product Report and Review

Forex Roboteer review and product report

Forex Roboteer was developed by Peter Parsons. Forex Roboteer is an automatic Forex trading software for Metatrader 4. The top three winners of last years MetaTrader Trading competition. They are  all optimized and re-optimized on a monthly basis. The costs arer $47 per month. The forex roboteer uses a 3 system routine and makes an average of 77 trades a month. A fully automatic money management is included and the software is designed for EU/USD.

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Overall Rating:

Forex Roboteer Review and Consumer Report

Forex Roboteer is an inovative software and scalping strategy. But winning an award is not all.


Actual Customer Feedback:

"I don't understand how Roboteer actually works. To be honest, I don't care, all I know is that it makes money. Many thanks for the opportunity to test this. P.S. I just love the fixed ratio money management and the way in which each Trading system keeps track of what it is doing."
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"Roboteer was released after a lot of hype about its high level of optimization and the need to reoptimize for USD 47 the three cooperating systems monthly to maintain efficiency. That alone is enough to discourage most potential users. Tried it for two weeks - it never got going hitting stop-loss after stop-loss till demo account was down by 50%."
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"I tried the Roboteer from Fellow Traders/ Peter Parsons
I didn't run it long just a few days, he charges you another $47 per month to optimize it for the current conditions but it lost money for me. I don't buy a EA to play in a demo account for months, I want to install it and it do what the maker claims.
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Our Research on Forex Roboteer Suggests:

Forex Roboteer is a fully automated, set and forget trading software. The software uses a 3 system Array (first of its kind) and it is an award winner. This sounds pretty well but the customer testimonilas are not as good as stated on their homepage. It is a solid software, nothing more. The monthly costs are quite high for this software.


Forex Roboteer is an inovative software and scalping strategy. But winning an award is not all. 3 Star Rating.

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Company Info: Author: Peter Parsons
Product Specifications: Software. Immediate download.
Price:  $97 and then $47 /month for updates
Return Policy: 60 days Money-Back Guarantee

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