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Forex Tracer Product Report and Review

Forex Tracer review and product report

Forex Tracer was developed by the Forex Tracer Team. Forex Tracer is essentially, an automated exchange trader that works around the clock to rack up profits for you by mining and cherry picking from the complex and ever-changing markets. Forex Tracer software comes with years of many specialists knowledge and experience built right into its complex algorithm and detection mathematics. Forex Tracer is very easy to install and it is compatible with any MT4 Broker, which means just about any online broker. Forex Tracer is completely automated, so once you get it set up and enter your starts and stops, it does everything for you. Forex Tracer is one of the newest choices in automated trading products, having launched their system only a short while ago, and since then it has become super-popular. Like all these other products it has been developed to run automatically, so no previous experience is necessary.

It is easy to setup and offers some special bonuses. The performance seems to be quite well.

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Overall Rating:

Forex Tracer Review and Consumer Report

Forex Tracer works with an expert advisor. It trades on the EUR / USD currency pair on a 30 minute time frame. Set it and forget it


Actual Customer Feedback:

"Started using this program on 6/5/2008 w/$2750US account. My acct balance is now $55.9K.
Some of this success was completely automatic, but most achieved by watching the movement fairly frequently, and positions would be closed when my $500USD per day goal was reached.
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"The backtest on the site went from June '06 to June '08. That period contained a very strong uptrend for the EURUSD. Almost any long-term trend-following system should've done well during that time.
Bottom-line: this EA appears to be optimized for the 2007 to early 2008 EURUSD uptrend.
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"I would go with something else. I don't like the way Forex Tracer trades, its way too risky with the system it uses. There are better autopilots out there. "
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Our Research on Forex Tracer Suggests:

Forex Tracer works with an expert advisor. It trades on the EUR / USD currency pair on a 30 minute time frame. Set it and forget it. The program uses a complex algorithm and detection mathematics. When you purchase the system, it includes a custom indicator called Cherry Picker as a free bonus. It is a solid system with well results.


There has been quite a bit of hype around Forex Tracer. It is being marketed with a very impressive back test of 1997. It did perform strongly during that period. For 1998 it has not fared quite as well. It seems that it may be time for an update on the expert advisors that it uses to formulate trades. Anyway it is a solid trading robot with solid results. 

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Company Info: Author: Forex Tracer Team
Product Specifications: Software, manual, bonuses. Immediate download.
Price: $137
Return Policy: 60 days Money-Back Guarantee

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